About us

We started this company after months of being in the bitter cold, and living in what some might say was a toxic atmosphere. Unhappy with the situation we found ourselves in, we decided to try something different.

We wanted to create a better space for ourselves, and build something others could enjoy. Our goal is to support our
community, and our environment as well as put our prairie people in Canadian made clothing.

 Growing up on the prairies we wanted to parody some of the landscapes and environments we see regularly and get to admire. Our hope is show off one of the most amazing ecosystems this blue marble has to offer, and we want to do that with a little humour and flare. Growing up in rural Saskatchewan helped us to understand the importance of quality, and comfort so we try to pass that onto our customers in anyway we can.

Small town living has given us unique insight on how to properly treat people, and the world around us. That is why
we package our orders in bio-degradable bags or recyclable boxes. We are trying to leave these prairies, and our world in a better place than we found it. That includes treating our customers with the respect they deserve and the Canadian
politeness many have come to expect from us. So if you are in the mood for a laugh or maybe a comfy shirt down the line follow us on instagram and all the other social medias with the links below.   

  • Josh Neuberger

    I have always wanted to build something using my artwork and creative talents. I believe that my years of practice in several medias and hard work, give me the ability to build a beautiful design. My hope is that you think it is representing the prairies in a very fun way, and that these designs if nothing else bring a smile to your face.

  • Justin Saworski

    I want to create something that keeps myself and others comfortable, as well as continues to show off my rural roots in a fun, edgy sort of way. I also believe in supporting local and helping others around you, so we can grow and get better together. With a litte luck I'm sure we can deliever all this through our product.